DIY 3d Printer

DIY 3d Printer

When I started exploring more in FDM 3d printing i decided to make one on my own 3d printer at least possible price in quest to explore the technology more deeper.

The printer design i’ve worked on has a print volume of 400mm X 400mm X 400mm and is a cartesian 3d printer.


  • RAMSPS 1.4
  • 12 mm steel rods
  • 8 mm steel rods
  • SC8UU linear motion bearing
  • SC12UU linear motion bearing
  • SK8UU Linear motion Rail Shaft Rod
  • KP08 pedestal bearing
  • T8 8mm Lead screw with nut
  • Stepper motor coupler 5mm to 8mm
  • GT20 tooth flanged pulley
  • GT20 timing belt 4mtr.
  • NEMA 17 mounting bracket – 4 nos.
  • NEMA 17 stepper motor – 4 nos.
  • a4988 stepper motor driver
  • optical end switch
  • Power supply 12V/20A
  • MK8 extruder 175mm
  • 1.75mm filament for 3d printing
  • PCB Heatbed MK2b
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • 3d printer hotend -0.4mm nozzle
  • Heatbed thermistor

To keep the cost at minimal i used wooden frame which is made using 45X45 mm wood.

After frame completion, X, Y & Z axis stepper motors were fixed in place. Z axis has been provided 2 Nema 17 stepper motors. X & Y axia have 1 motor per axis.

The electronics are installed as per the below schematics:

Second upgrade – First iteration of this printer used Ramps 1.4 board with A4988 motor drivers which end up giving a lot of noise during printing due to its resolution of micro steps being upto 1/16. To reduce noice, vibrations and resolution the printer was upgraded with a new motherboard SKR1.4 with TMC2208 driver. These drivers are super silent.


Marlin firmware is been used as a OS for 3d printing and was uploaded using Arduino IDE

Source –

Initially i used Slic3r which is a open source slicing and pronterface to control the printer using serial port.

After a while i have switched to Cura slicer as it provides wide variety of settings.

After some of the failed prints and tweaking some marlin settings, it was a success and had really nice print.

Problems overcomed –

  1. The printer was very loud as the stepper drivers used are a4988 which will are now upgraded with silent stepper drivers TMC 2208
  2. Printer had a potential to be upgraded to 32 bit board rather than arduino. And is now upgraded with SKR 1.4 turbo which has really reasonable price and excellent performance.

Future plans:

  1. I would like to upgrade this printer to a clay 3d printer.

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